So you ask, “What’s this quiz thing all about?”

Incorporating a quiz into your website will help you gain traction or in other words help engage your website visitors so they stay a little longer and here what you have to say.

It’s a fact, people love a challenge and they love quizzes.

By challenging your visitors with a quiz, you are actually educating your website’s visitors with facts that are related to the products or services that you offer. Once you have their attention, you have a much greater chance of having them buy from you.

People also love to share their own stuff. So why not give them the ability to share their quiz scores via social media.  Thats exactly what a quiz can do for your company!   Quizzes help you tap into the power of social media traffic by having your visitors share their results and intern promote your quiz, your website, and your products.

So if you are up for engaging your website visitors with irresistible quizzes that educate and entertain them resulting in more traffic and shares for your company, why not implement a quiz?

Here are two examples of powerful quizzes that have entire mobile websites built just for the quiz: – Mobile Quiz Website designed to promote the “The Big Brew” – The second largest craft beer festival in the U.S. – Mobile Quiz Website designed to engage people with Mardi Gras facts and knowledge.

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