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Google AdWords Campaign

Everyone gets our best service.  A Customized pay per click marketing campaign by our official Google Partner.

Program Objectives:

  • Increase in targeted Google website traffic
  • Top of page search engine results for targeted –keywords on Google search network
  • Increased client conversions and contact from search engine advertising pertaining to target keywords

Keys to Success:

  • Adopt best practice search engine management strategies aimed at increasing visibility for both broad and specific keyword terms at the lowest possible costs.

Account Management:

  • Search Engine Marketing managed through official Google Partner account and Google advertising accounts.
  • Build Google presence within AdWords account
  • Target Ad groups based on targeted keywords provided Google Partner.
  • Bid and Budget Management Strategy.
  • Ongoing consulting and analysis
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Return on Ad Spend Investment
  • Identify Opportunities

Systems / Search Engine Account Management:

  • Google AdWords account dashboardsCall analytics tracking and lead tracking dashboards
  • Website traffic and analysis analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing and Online Advertising Spend: 1,000.00
  • Google Partner strategic development and account management: 20% Ad Spend included


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