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Yes, of course! All of our websites feature new, modern designs and come with mobile versions built in. You provide the content and we put it all together for you in a professional way that will make you proud.
Yes, of course. Support is built into most of our plans.
Monthly hosting and maintenance is $75/mo. Our next plan includes 1 hour of content updating for $150/mo. Our WordPress Complete plan offers unlimited content updating for $250/mo.
Yes, of course. We will handle the migration over to our platform for no extra charges.

Yes, our  Hosting Only, WordPress Essental plus, and WordPress Complete plans include monthly full and database backups to secure cloud storage. If you need your site backed up more frequently, just let us know.

Our WordPress Hosting plans do not require a contract. We require 30 days notice before cancelling your monthly agreement.
Fast. Enterprise Class Hosting. Your site will be much faster than standard shared hosting as you will be on a dedicated server that we manage.
That is up to you. We will manage the servers accordingly.
We will be happy to purchase a domain for you and host it on your behalf. This is included in most of our plans.
We don’t host email but recommend Office 365 or Google for stable email packages.
In the unfortunate event that your site where to get hacked, we would do our best to clean up the hack or do a restore from a recent backup.

You can call us anytime at 504-517-3450.  Leave a message and someone will get back to you shortly.

Website Security is professional security software running on your website configured to block attacks. The internet is a dangerous place and full of nasty bots that look for insecure websites. Our software helps to thwart the most common types of attacks from bots and hackers. We can even step up security with two factor authentication if you desire.
If your site gets infected with malware, we will do our best to clean it for you; however, some infections require developer time or professional remediation which is beyond the scope of our plans. In the event that an infected website requires professional remediation, we will have it handled on your behalf.

This entirely depends on how often you update your site’s content.

Yes, of course. Your site yours and you can do what you want. Our fully managed packages offer content updating as a convenience but you are welcome to update your own site.

Yes, we offer fully managed Google AdWord campaigns through an authorized Google partner.

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