It’s a good idea to keep a regular backup schedule to ensure if the inevitable happens, you have a complete backup of your site. If you are using wordpress, there are many tools / plugins to assist in this process. If not, backup your site to an external source from your web server. It’s always a good idea to have a copy on hard media such as a CDR as well.

We recommend you have your website backed up at the very least once per month.  If your content changes daily or weekly you will want to schedule your backups more frequently.   Having an available backup of your site is your peace of mind in case something goes wrong whether accidental or intentional such as a hack.  Having a good backup strategy is also part of a good security strategy.

At DreamArt Designs, our client sites are backed up to the cloud where they are readily available to be restored in case of a catastrophic site failure.   We recommend this practice for security and peace of mind.


Robert Galloway, Security+