Website security is the implementation of important protocols that can protect your WordPress website from unwanted intrusion, changes, and downtime. A good security plan includes locking down your website with security software, monitoring your site for intrusions, keeping your site up to date with the latest security updates, and having a disaster recovery plan in the event you need it.

Website Security: Security is big news these days and not just for major websites. All websites are at risk from nasty bots that troll the web looking for known vulnerabilities. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large corporation or a family blog, all websites are at risk. Locking down a website to prevent unauthorized users, monitoring security, enabling file change detection, enforcing strong passwords, IP blocking, malware scanning are just a few things security software can do to protect your website. The Internet can be a dangerous place so why not take steps to protect your investment.

Vulnerabilities and Updates: WordPress usually rolls out major updates a few times per year and minor updates much more often. Updates not only include updated functionality but important security patches . There are also updates for the various plugins that make up your WordPress website which roll out often as well. Keeping these key components of your site up to date is crucial to mitigating security holes that hackers and bots will target. Maintaining websites is tedious and technical and many professionals offer services to do this for you.

Disaster Recovery: Websites should have a backup plan that fits their needs. Sites with lots of content updates need to backed up more often than sites that don’t. All sites should have a regular backup schedule with secure, offsite backup storage.  A good website team will offer backup plans to ensure your website is recoverable when you need it.

Conclusion: A good security plan is a powerful tool and will ensure that the probability of your site being compromised is low and give you the peace of mind that your site is backed up in the event that your are compromised.